Age Gate Module

struct AgeGateEvent

  struct AgeGateEvent {
    agId: String?
    ageRange: AgeRange?
    countryCode: String?
    nickname: String?
    status: AgeGateStatus
    userIdentifier: String?

  struct AgeRange: Decodable, Encodable, Hashable {
    start: Int
    end: Int
    jurisdiction: String?

Instance Properties

status - enum with values: “Undefined”, “Blocked”, “Allowed”, “Сanceled”, “Pending”, “ConsentRequired”, “ConsentApproved”, “ConsentDenied”, “AgeVerificationRequired”, “AgeVerified”, “AgeBlocked”, “IdentityVerificationRequired”, “IdentityVerified”.
Please check the Age Gate Status Description here

userIdentifier - String field, external user identifier

countryCode - String field, two-letter country code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.

nickname - String field, nickname

agId - String field, age gate identifier