These RESTful APIs accept/return JSON formatted data. Sample request/responses below are represented in JSON format. See API Conventions for further information.

All PRIVO Platform resources with the /api/... URI prefix are OAuth 2.0 protected and require authentication for access.

Common API Configuration Members for Use

sendParnetEmailBooleanDoes system send consent email to parent email address provided?
sendRegistrationEmailBooleanDoes system send consent email to User email address provided?
sendCongratulationsEmailBooleanDoes system send post registration emails?
roleIdentifierStringIdentifier that defines a given role.
Provided by PRIVO Administrator
emailVerifiedBooleanTrusted partner use to define email verified status.
Requires PRIVO contract approval
minorRegistrationsCollectionAssociated child accounts.
shadowAccountBooleanShuld account start as shadow?
serviceIdStringUnique identifier assigned to User.
childServiceIdStringUnique identifier assigned to child User.
forceActivateBooleanDoes the account get activated immediately?
Requires PRIVO contract approval
featuresCollectionFeature section to define featureIdentifier(s).
featureIdentifierStringIdentifier used to define a given feature(s).
Provided by PRIVO Administrator
attributesCollectionAttribute section to define custom attribute(s).
attributeNameStringUnique name assigned to a custom attribute.
Provided by PRIVO Administrator
valueStringValue assigned to the custom attributeName in use.
requesterServiceIdStringServiceId of the requesting User.
approverServiceIdStringServiceId of the approving Granter.
setValueBooleanUsed for password set/reset API to determine whether set or reset is used.
emailToResolveCollisionStringUsed for password API to resolve conflicts of multiple accounts found.
suggestBooleanUsed for username or display name API to suggest additional names if the one provided is already taken.
verificationTierValueVerification tier of the given User - e.g. A_, A_0, A, B, C, D, E, F, G