User has successfully completed the verification process (Pass or Fail). Details about the verification result are passed in the result.verificationResponse member of the Response object.

result.verificationResponse member:

verifiedbooleanHas the user successfully verified?
transactionIDstringUnique identifier for the transaction. Partner can retain this value for traceability.
verificationMethodNamestringThe verification method chosen by the user. Possible values: CreditCard, DriversLicense, SSN, CorporateEmail, PrintForm, Phone
matchOutcomeNamestringSpecific outcome for the verification request. Possible values: Pass, Pending (when the user has chosen an offline method of verification, such as Phone or PrintForm, matchOutcome will be ‘Pending’).
matchCodestringA code that identifies the field groups that are matched in the verification request. May be undefined.
matchValuesobjectKey/value map that contains matched fields and values (for CC or SSN verification). May be undefined.
requestIDstringUnique identifier for the verification request. The Partner should retain this value for traceability.
redirectURLbooleanReturn URL address passed by partner to send the user directly following onVerifyDone event. May be null.
partnerDefinedUniqueIDstringValue passed by Partner in verify_config of the verification request. PRIVO returns this value in the onVerifyComplete event. Can be undefined.
requestTimestamplongTimestamp of the completed verification request.
localestringLocation of the user as defined by their browser settings.
identificationNumberstringUnique number provided to user when an offline verification method is chosen. This value can be used by Partner and PRIVO to identify the given pending request.
attemptIdstringIdentifier used to notate the attempt request.
messagestringFor debug reasons - if error occurs error message will be provided here. May be null.

Sample response:

    "event": "verify-complete"
    "result": {
        "verificationResponse": {
            "verified": true,
            "verificationMethod": 5,
            "matchOutcome": 1,
            "redirectUrl": "",
            "message": "",
            "errors": [],
            "requestTimestamp": 1633679265147,
            "locale": "en-GB",
            "identificationNumber": "",
            "attemptId": 99208,
            "verificationMethodName": "SSN",
            "verificationOutcomeName": "Pass",
            "transactionID": "71568127R55890",
            "requestID": "331724",
            "partnerDefinedUniqueID": "OTA3Mi49MTQ3NjE1NTg2OTM="

Sample code usage:

function verifySuccessCallback(response) {
    if (!response.errorCode) {
        //Handle verify success
        alert('Awesome, you are verified!');
    } else {
        // Handle error
        alert('Darn, something went wrong!'+'\n' +
            'Error details: ' + response.errorMessage + '\n' +
            'Error code: ' + response.errorCode + '\n' +
            'In event: ' + response.event;