Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are defined by Partner during integration. All attributes must be added to Partner configurations within the Platform console. A PRIVO Administrator will work with Partner to define values and identifiers for use to accomodate custom attributes. Below find some examples of what a custom attribute may look like.

Custom Attribute Examples: (But not limited to...)

Favorite ColorfavColorUser's favorite colorString for color description
Device IdentifierdeviceIdIdentifier representing a given deviceString
Partner UUIDpartnerUuidUnique identifier representing UserString supplied by Partner
Participation IDparticipationIdUnique identifier representing User's participationString supplied by Partner
Registration PINregistrationPinPIN representing a User in the PRIVO system used to associate multiple adults to a given accountString set by PRIVO
Shirt SizeuserShirtSizeSize of a shirt being provided by Service to UserDrop-down