Add Child To Adult Account

POST {url}/api/account

This API adds a new child to an existing adult account that does not already have children. The attributes contained in the body of the request (in conjunction to proper scopes) determine what type of account is being created. Child accounts created with this API will be assigned to the adult associated to the " parentEmail".

Depending on your Partner configuration either birthDate_YYYYMMDD or roleIdentifier is required to create an account, but not both. If both are supplied, then they must match the defined role being accessed. If more than one role exists that overlaps an age range then the roleIdentifier must be present.

Attributes defined in the body of the request must be set in Partner configurations in order for them to properly be used during API access. Missing attributes will be collected from the Granter during the permissioning process or from the User post-consent. See About Attributes section for more information about attribute use.

API Endpoint:


Sample Add Child to Existing Adult Account:

POST {{url}}/api/account/

Sample Add Child JSON Response:

            "validationErrors": [0],
            "status": "success",
            "message": null,
            "resultCount": -1,
            "totalCount": -1,
            "entity": {
                "serviceId": "5a334e59484......46673d3d",
                "fullyRegistered": false,
                "role": {}
                "roleId": 101,
                "roleIdentifier": "someChildRole",
                "shadowAccount": false,
                "firstName": "Sally",
                "lastName": null,
                "middleInitial": null,
                "email": "",
                "emailVerified": false,
                "birthDate": 76550400000,
                "userName": "coolkid23",
                "active": false,
                "isMinor": false,
                "isTeen": false,
                "isTeacher": false,
                "isStudent": false,
                "gender": 2,
                "genderType": "Female",
                "registrationRole": "Adult",
                "address": {
                    "streetAddress1": null,
                    "streetAddress2": null,
                    "city": null,
                    "stateProvince": null,
                    "postalCode": null,
                    "country": "US"
                "creationDate": 1396282972776,
                "activationDate": null,
                "verificationTier": "A",
                "id": "5a334e59484......46673d3d",
                "fullName": "Sally",
                "features": [],
                "displayNames": [],
                "modifiedDate": 1587751273264,
                "consentUrl": "{url}/e/r/a?token=6c3254537931724b.....64413d3d",
                "consentRequests": [],
                "characteristics": [
                "connectedProfiles": [],
                "hasPasscode": false,
                "hasPassword": false