Invoke Registration Widget

The PRIVO Registration Widget provides registration functionality for new users utilizing the PRIVO UI layout. The request properties are used as follows:

siteIdREQUIREDThe site/service that the User is registering for. Provided by PRIVO administrator.
modeOPTIONALSet to SIMPLE if rendering widget in an iframe, otherwise, do not include in request. SIMPLE mode removes the PRIVO UI header and footer values.
siteTokenOPTIONALProvide this parameter if the desire is to have user redirected to PRIVO Account Settings upon completion of registration. Provided by PRIVO administrator.
redirect_uriREQUIREDThe Client endpoint URL to redirect the User to upon completion of registration.
access_tokenREQUIREDRP client access_token requested through /oauth/token endpoint.

NOTE: If mode=SIMPLE is being utilized the redirecting of the user upon successful authentication must be handled on the partner's website. One technique is to, on the redirected partner page, add a JavaScript onload handler to process the request from PRIVO and redirect the user accordingly.

The fragment part of the redirect_uri contains the following properties.

serviceIdUnique identifier for the User and is the same as standard claim ‘sub’.
access_tokenThe User access token to make subsequent API calls, such as /userinfo.

Sample Request:

 GET {{url}}/lgs?

Sample Response:

HTTP/1.1 302 Found