Optional Features

Unlike Standard features, Optional features are just that... optional. The User has the option to either accept or decline participation with these features. Sometimes a feature is required to be optional based on governing policy. Other times a Partner service may want to allow a particular "thing" to be optional.

Optional features have the ability to be defined as "Optional by default". Meaning, an optional feature can be presented to the User as "on" or "off" by default. When a feature is presented on, then the User only needs to approve the feature for use and provide any additional data required by said feature. When the feature is presented as off, then the User must turn on the feature prior to approving its use or adding additional data.

Optional Feature Examples (not limited to...):

* Email Newsletters
* Birthday Clubs
* Push Notifications
* Optional Mailings such as Product Magazines
* Leaderboard Display
* Additional Communications
* Sweepstakes Entries
* Device Usage Consent
* 3rd-Party Sharing