Resend Consent Request

GET {url}//api/consent/resend

This service sends/resends the consent email to the Grantor (i.e. Parent/Adult/Self).

A use case example for this is informing a parent that their child has registered on a Partner site. A request to send/resend the Your child has registered... consent email should contain the following query parameters.

Request Requirements:

requesterServiceIdYESDefines the given User (Requester) whom is requesting consent, e.g. child serviceId.
approverServiceIdYES, IF...If approver email is not present
Defines the given Granter (Parent) who needs to provide consnet for the User.
emailYES, IF...If approverServiceId is not present
Email address associated to the Granter.

A correct request will generate a HTTP response code of 200 (Ok). Otherwise a 404 (Not Found) is generated.

Resend Consent Request Endpoint:


Sample Resend Child Consent Request:

GET {{url}}/api/consent/resend?

Sample Resend Self Consent Request:

GET {{url}}/api/consent/resend?

Sample Resend Consent JSON Response:

  "validationErrors": [
  "status": "success",
  "message": null,
  "resultCount": -1,
  "totalCount": -1,
  "entity": null,
  "responseTimestamp": 1588247984911