Identity Verification Module

First you need to import and instantiate PRIVO auth module:

  import com.privo.sdk.PrivoVerification

You can instantiate the PRIVO auth module with Context:

  val verification = PrivoVerification(this)


  verification.showVerification(profile) { events -> }

Used to show PRIVO Verification Modal Dialog

params: UserVerificationProfile - optional user predefined profile

  data class UserVerificationProfile (
    var firstName: String?,
    var lastName: String?,
    var birthDateYYYYMMDD: String?, // Optional date string in the "yyyy-MM-dd" date-format
    var email: String?,
    var postalCode: String?,
    var phone: String?, //  Optional phone number in E.164 format. Example: "+12133734253"
    var partnerDefinedUniqueID: String? // Optional unique identifier passed by Partner and returned in all responses by PRIVO.

response: Array<VerificationEvent> - Array of Verification Events

  data class VerificationEvent(
    val event: VerificationEventType,
    val result: VerificationResult?,
    val data: String?,
    val errorCode: String?,
    val errorMessage: String?

Verification Events:
VerifyInitialized - When the verification widget has initialized.
VerifyCancel - When user has canceled the verification.
VerifyComplete - When user has successfully completed the verification process and has been verified.
VerifyDone - When the user has completed the verification and closed the verification widget.
VerifyError - If an error occurs. See Error Codes section.

Possible Error Codes:

Error CodeError Message
10001Invalid API Key or access_token
10002Missing site_id parameter
10003Unexpected error
10100Invalid email address
10101Misconfigured verification methods

Identity Verification Module Example:

  data class VerificationResult(val serviceId : String?, val verificationResponse: VerificationResponse)
data class VerificationResponse(
  val verified: Boolean,
  val requestID: String,
  val transactionID: String,
  val verificationMethod: VerificationMethodType,
  val matchOutcome: VerificationOutcome,
  val requestTimestamp: Long,
  val locale: String,
  val matchCode: String?,
  val redirectUrl: String?,
  val message: String?,
  val partnerDefinedUniqueID: String?,
  //Applicable to offline methods only
  val identificationNumber: String?,
  val attemptId: Int?
    class VerificationActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
        private val dateFormat = SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy", Locale.US)
        private val sdkDateFormat = SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd", Locale.US)
        private lateinit var binding: ActivityVerificationBinding
        private lateinit var verification: PrivoVerification

        override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
          verification = PrivoVerification(this)
          binding = ActivityVerificationBinding.inflate(layoutInflater)
          val view = binding.root
        private fun initViews() {
          val eventsAdapter = VerificationEventsAdapter()
          binding.eventsRecycler.adapter = eventsAdapter
          binding.showButton.setOnClickListener {
            val profile = getTestProfile()
            verification.showVerification(profile) { events ->
        private fun getTestProfile(): UserVerificationProfile {
          val profile = UserVerificationProfile()
          profile.firstName = binding.firstNameField.getOptionalText()
          profile.lastName = binding.lastNameField.getOptionalText()
 = binding.emailField.getOptionalText()
          profile.postalCode = binding.postalCodeField.getOptionalText()
 = binding.phoneField.getOptionalText()
          profile.partnerDefinedUniqueID = binding.partnerIdField.getOptionalText()
          binding.birthDateField.getOptionalText()?.let {
              val birthDateYYYYMMDD = sdkDateFormat.format(date)
              profile.birthDateYYYYMMDD = birthDateYYYYMMDD
          return profile