Request Information

  • OAuth2 authentication is required
  • All methods (except GET methods) accept JSON formatted data. All requests with a body (POST, PUT) MUST set Content-Type: application/json and Accept: application/json HTTP request headers accordingly.
  • All methods return JSON formatted data, even in cases where non-2xx status codes are returned.

In addition, all responses will have a standard wrapper that indicates more detailed information on the operation.

Response Wrapper :

        "message":"Ok", //detailed status message
        "status":"success", //success or fail
        "entity":[ /* the actual data returned by the operation; may be scalar or 
                      array, depending on the method */ ],
        "validationErrors": [ /* any errors on the inputs */ ]
        "resultCount": 0, /* if entity is a collection, number of objects in the collection */
        "totalCount": 0 /* total number of objects matching the request, if entity is 
                           a collection, in order to support paging */