Register Shadow Account

POST {url}/api/account/shadow

This API registers a shadow account. A shadow account is an account that has no credentials. Shadow accounts mimic or represent some other account or entity. No PII is collected when registering a shadow account.

Request Requirements:

roleIdentifierYESUnique identifier assigned to the PRIVO role
Provided by a PRIVO Administrator

NOTE: All other attributes or properties are Optional. See About Attributes and Features for more information.

Shadow Account API Endpoint:


Sample Shadow Account Request:

 POST {{url}}/api/account/shadow

Sample Shadow JSON Response:

            "validationErrors": [0],
            "status": "success",
            "message": null,
            "resultCount": -1,
            "totalCount": -1,
            "entity": {
                "serviceId": "5a334e59484......46673d3d",
                "fullyRegistered": false,
                "role": {}
                "roleId": 101,
                "roleIdentifier": "someShadowAccountRole",
                "shadowAccount": true,
                "firstName": null,
                "lastName": null,
                "middleInitial": null,
                "email": null,
                "emailVerified": false,
                "birthDate": null,
                "userName": null
                "active": false,
                "isMinor": false,
                "isTeen": false,
                "isTeacher": false,
                "isStudent": false,
                "gender": null,
                "genderType": null
                "registrationRole": "Child",
                "address": {
                    "streetAddress1": null,
                    "streetAddress2": null,
                    "city": null,
                    "stateProvince": null,
                    "postalCode": null,
                    "country": "US"
                "creationDate": 1396282972776,
                "activationDate": null,
                "verificationTier": "A_",
                "id": "5a334e59484......46673d3d",
                "fullName": null,
                "features": [],
                "displayNames": [],
                "modifiedDate": 1587751273264,
                "consentUrl": "{url}/e/r/a?token=6c3254537931724b.....64413d3d",
                "consentRequests": [],
                "characteristics": [
                "connectedProfiles": [],
                "hasPasscode": false,
                "hasPassword": false