Age Gate Module

enum PrivoError

  enum PrivoError 

Enumeration Cases

case cancelled
An error that indicates a task was cancelled with Task.cancel().

Thrown only by those methods that support cancellation and this is explicitly stated in the documentation.

Cancellation example:

let task = Task {
  do {
    let result = try await methodThatSupportsCancellation()
  } catch let privoError as PrivoError {
    if privoError == .cancelled {
      // handle the cancellation
// later in code

case incorrectInputData(Error)

case networkConnectionProblem(Error?)

case noInternetConnection

enum AgeGateError

  enum AgeGateError 

Enumeration Cases

case agIdNotFound
Attempting to invoke a method for the first time which used agId that has not yet been generated. Try adding a call before the current one so that the method generating agId is called first.

case incorrectAge

case incorrectDateOfBirht

case notAllowedEmptyStringAgId

case notAllowedEmptyStringNickname

case notAllowedEmptyStringUserIdentifier

case notAllowedMultiUserUsage