Check Status


The method allows checking the existing Age Verification status.

Age Verification Status entry parameters:

userIdentifier - optional string field, external user identifier

Age Verification Status response:

export interface AgeVerificationEvent {
  status: AgeVerificationStatus;
  profile?: AgeVerificationProfile;
export type AgeVerificationStatus = "Undefined" | "Pending" | "Confirmed" | "Declined" | "Canceled";
export interface AgeVerificationProfile {
  userIdentifier?: string;
  firstName?: string;
  email?: string;
  birthDateYYYYMMDD?: string; // "yyyy-MM-dd" format
  phoneNumber?: string; // in the full international format (E.164, e.g. “+17024181234”)

status - "Undefined" , "Pending" , "Confirmed" , "Declined" , "Canceled";
profile - child profile verified by PRIVO:
userIdentifier - optional field, external user identifier
firstName - optional field, child user first name
email - optional field, child user email address
birthDateYYYYMMDD - optional field, child user birth date in “yyyy-MM-dd” format
phoneNumber - optional field, child user phone number in the full international format (E.164, e.g. "+17024181234")