Init PrivoSDK with credentials provided by PRIVO:

  val settings = PrivoSettings(serviceIdentifier = {{value}}, envType = EnvironmentType.Prod,  apiKey = {{value}})

serviceIdentifier - required partner identifier in PRIVO system. Must be received from the PRIVO

envType - type on environment on what are you going to use PRIVO
Can be Int or Prod

For integration purpose partners should use Int Environment
For production apps partners should use Prod Environment

apiKey - an optional parameter that is used in the identity verification module (can be null)

Note: Make sure that you have initialized the PRIVO SDK before any usage of it. It is a good idea to do this immediately after launching the application, for example via androidx.startup.InitializationProvider

Init PrivoSDK:

  import android.content.Context
  import androidx.startup.Initializer
  import com.privo.sdk.Privo
  import com.privo.sdk.model.EnvironmentType
  import com.privo.sdk.model.PrivoSettings

  class PrivoSDKInitializer: Initializer<Unit> {
    override fun create(context: Context) {
      val settings = PrivoSettings({{value}}, EnvironmentType.Int,  {{value}})
    override fun dependencies(): List<Class<out Initializer<*>>> {
      // No dependencies on other libraries.
      return emptyList()