List Consent Requests

GET {{url}}/api/consent

Endpoint to retrieve consent requests for the currently authenticated User thus requires an authentication token for access. If current User is a child their consent requests are returned, otherwise, the current Users associated child consent requests are returned.

The request may contain the following OPTIONAL query parameters.

Request Requirements:

siteIdNOThe ID that identifies the Partner service.
statusNODefines the consent request status. Allowed values: APPROVED, DENIED, EXPIRED, PENDING

A correct request will generate a HTTP response code of 200 (Ok).

List Consents Endpoint:


Sample List Consents Request:

GET {{url}}/api/consent?

Sample JSON Response:

  "entity": [
      "requester": {
        "serviceId": "5459366c77......85a673d3d"
      "approver": {
        "serviceId": "3974387665......67f123d0d"
      "consentRequestType": "FEATURE",
      "status": "APPROVED",
      "approvedDate": 1396223608367,
      "deniedDate": null,
      "expiredDate": null,
      "childFeatures": [
          "id": 100