Grant Feature Consent

PUT {{url}}/api/consent/{childServiceId}

Grants consent to one or more feature requests and must be run with the requesting Users serviceId. The consenting adult (Granter) is the currenlty authenticated User. If Feature Id's are provided in the body of the request then those given feature(s) will be activated.

The verificationRequestId parameter is supplied in the case when the granting adult user has verified at a higher level of verification.

Grant Consent Request Endpoint:


Sample Grant Child Consent Request:

PUT {{url}}/api/consent/5459366c77......85a673d3d

Sample Grant Consent JSON Response:

  "validationErrors": [
  "status": "success",
  "message": null,
  "resultCount": -1,
  "totalCount": -1,
  "entity": null,
  "responseTimestamp": 1588247984911