Partners can poll the PRIVO system for verification responses. Polling can be done by doing a GET call to the requestId endpoint . Partner authentication with access token is required to make this API call. The response will contain verification results related to the given request id.

NOTE: There may be multiple results returned if the user attempted multiple verification methods

Sample request:

GET: https://privohub-int.privo.com/api/verification/(requestId)
Content Type: application/json
Authorization: (access_token)

Sample response:

     "validationErrors": [],
     "status": "success",
     "message": null,
     "resultCount": 1,
     "totalCount": 1,
     "entity": [
         "method": "Phone",
         "outcome": "Pending",
         "requestDate": "1524522158000",
         "modified": null,
         "requestCount": 1,
         "matchCode": null,
         "attemptId": 99547