Standard Attributes

Standard attributes are those "data points" defined by the PRIVO system for use. These are common data points that most Partners would use, want to consume or require during a given registration for example. Standard attribute configurations reside at the base level within the PRIVO system and are shared between all Partners. A given Partner has the ability to determine how the attribute is presented by renaming the attribute for their use. For example, a Partner may have the need to define "Display Name" as "Screen Name" instead. Standard attribute configurations allow for such a modification without affecting how another Partner would utilize the same given attribute.

Standard Attributes:

First NamefirstNameRepresents the UserNo spaces, numbers or special characters allowed
Middle InitialmiddleInitialUser's middle initialNo numbers, maximum of 4 characters. Periods allowed
Last NamelastNameUser's given nameNo numbers or special characters allowed
Last InitiallastInitialFirst initial of User's Last NameRarely used. No numbers or special characters, maximum of 1 charcter.
Birth DatebirthDate_YYYYMMDDRepresents age of the UserMust follow format YYYYMMDD
Email AddressemailUser's email addressMust be proper email with @ and .xx(x)
Parental Email AddressparentEmailEmail address of Parent when registering a childMust be proper email with @ and .xx(x)
GendergenderSex of the UserDependent on API may be enumerated as 1,2 OR given as Male, Female
Mobile PhonemobilePhoneUser's cell phone number7 to 10 numbers, no hyphens
Home Phone Numberaddress.homePhoneNumberUser's home phone number7 to 10 numbers, no hyphens
Street Addressaddress.streetAddress1User's street number and nameOpen field
Apartment/Suiteaddress.streetAddress2User's suite or apartment numberOpen field
Cityaddress.cityUser's cityOpen field
State/Provinceaddress.stateProvinceUser's state or province2 letters for US, oopen for INTL.
Regionaddress.regionUser's regionINTL. only. Open field
Postal Codeaddress.postalCodeUser's postal code5 digits for US, open for INTL.
Countryaddress.countryUser's country2 letters e.g. US
Display NamedisplayNameName that displays in a serviceUnique to the given service. Can be used for login to given service
UsernameuserNameUsername used for authenticationUnique to the entire system