Verification Response

The Verification Response is an object used by PRIVO to pass return values of API methods.

Upon successful or unsuccessful completion, the operation invokes a callback/webhook endpoint function, which is provided by the partner developer.

The PRIVO service expects the callback/webhook function to have the following standard signature.

The one parameter that the callback/webhook function receives is the response object which contains the values returned from the API method.

eventstringThe event for which the callback/webhook pertains to. See Verification Events for possible values.
errorCodeintegerThe result code of the operation when an error occurs. See Error Codes section.
errorMessagestringA short textual description of an error associated with the errorCode for logging purposes. See Error Codes section.
resultobjectThe resulting object for the given event. For the structure of this object, see reference section for each API call. Value may be undefined.