There are two available environments that can be accessed by Partner for use with the Platform. The API key pair ( credentials) used to authenicate the request determine which environment the request is for. To enable access to these environments, credentials must be supplied by a PRIVO Administrator.


The Integration (INT) environment is to be used for all development and testing needs. This environment is the first step to integrating with the Platform. This environment is to be used for purposes of initial/on-going integration and unit testing. It will also be used to test product enhancements, configurations and updates. Integrations done in this environment do not affect your live data or interact with some third-party resources such as banking institutions (i.e. credit card or PayPal verifications).

Available End Points:


The Production (PROD) environment is to be used for production use only. Partners integrating into this environment must be signed off on their initial development into the Integration environment prior to being provided credentials to access Production. In an effort to keep integrity to the data, this environment is not to be used for unit testing or load testing without prior written consent from PRIVO management. Credentials used to access this environment must be kept safe and isolated from general use or non-essential team members and must be stored with utmost security by Partner at all times.

Available End Points: