Change Status

    privo.ageGate.onStatusChange(event => {}) 

The method is invoked by the Run method in case the returned status was changed in the Run method.

It returns:

interface AgeEvent {
  status: AgeCheckStatus;
  userIdentifier?: string;
  agId?: string;
  ageRange?: AgeRange;

interface AgeRange {
  start: number;
  end: number;
  jurisdiction?: string;

Age Event parameters:

status - "Undefined", "Blocked", "Allowed", "Сanceled", "Pending", "ConsentRequired", "ConsentApproved", " ConsentDenied, "AgeVerificationRequired", "AgeVerified", "AgeBlocked", "IdentityVerificationRequired", " IdentityVerified"

userIdentifier - optional field, external user identifier

agId - optional field, age gate identifier

Please check the Age Gate Status Description here